Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Q&A - Eliminating Any Confusion!

So, it has occurred to me that I may not have been as descriptive as I could have when talking about how the giveaways will work. Below I have written a more in depth explanation of how it will work!

Q: When do giveaways start?
A: Giveaways will start when the set criteria are met. For example, to start the very first giveaway a total of 20 people must subscribe via email using the link located in the upper right hand corner.

Q: If you win, what do you win?
A: If only ONE video game is chosen for a giveaway, you win that game. If there is more then one game title listed then that will be prize pool. What this means is should you win, you will be able to personally choose what game you want out of the prize pool!

Q: How will the contest work/what are the rules?
A: Once a contest begins, to enter you must simply comment on the post for that giveaway. In order to avoid disqualification participants must be a current email subscriber and only enter ONCE PER DAY. The winner will be chosen by the use of a Random Number Generator, for example... if you are the second person to comment/enter that will be the entry number for THAT entry and if that number is drawn then you are the winner! No purchase is necessary and you can only comment once per day to enter.

Q: At the time of this writing, what is the current situation?
A: The current situation is this. Once I reach 20 email subscribers the first giveaway will begin immediately! Once the contest starts it will last for approx 5-6 days. When the contest is over the winner will be contacted and announced. He/She will then be able to select one of the 3 titles in the prize pool. For this giveaway the titles are "MAGICKA", "TEAM FORTRESS 2" and "TERRARIA". Unless specified otherwise, there will be only ONE winner and that person may only select ONE game title.

Remember that prizes are distributed via STEAM!

UPDATE - Issue with Email Subscriber Count

Due to some issues with Feed Burner not registering the actual total of email subscriptions, I have had to make a new link that properly tracks the total amount of email subscriptions.

If you already subscribed using the old link please use the new link located in the upper right hand corner of the blog.

Remember that once we hit 20 email subscriptions the first giveaway will begin!

I apologize for any inconvenience.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What will the first 3 giveaway titles be?

Visit the links below to learn more about each title!
Team Fortress 2

Once the criteria to start the first giveaway are met, these will be the titles the winner will be able to select his prize from! (One title per winner)

Criteria to commence giveaway!
-This blog must reach 20 email subscribers

Monday, June 13, 2011

Introduction Q&A

Welcome to Video Game Giveaways!

The goal of this blog is simple, giveaway as many video games as possible!

I am currently in the lead up phase to the first giveaway. The first giveaway will occur once i have reached 20 email subscribers so be sure to follow this blog, subscribe via email and comment below to let me know what you think!

Below you will find a Q&A explaining the details

Q: How will it work?
A: Each week I will do a giveaway that will include multiple games as potential wins. To enter, participants will be required to meet the following three criteria.
1. You must be an email subscriber of the blog.
2. You must post a comment on the post of the giveaway.
3. You must provide your email address in your comment.
Games will be distributed via Steam.

Q: Wow! So its 100% free?
A: To enter is 100% free and no purchase is necessary.

Q: How can you afford this?
A: The simple answer is I can only afford to do low priced games as giveaway at the moment. This is where the Donation/Ads factor comes into play. Revenue generated by Donations/Ads will directly affect the actual retail cost of the games selected for giveaway. They will also affect the amount of copies of said games that can be given away!
While i do encourage support via donations. Donations are 100% not required to win a prize!

 Q: How will the winners be selected?
A: Once a giveaway reaches it's entry deadline it will be closed. I will then use a RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR to select the winner. For example, say you are the 10th person to post a comment and the random number generator spits out the number 10, you win!

Q: These dont seem like really good odds, what if tons of people enter for one giveaway?
A: This is the fun part! Donations will directly affect the actual retail cost of the titles selected for giveaways and the number of copies/potential winners!

Q: When will the first giveaway be?
A: Once this blog reaches 20 email subscribers!

Q: What do I do if I win?
A: If you are selected as a winner and you meet the 3 criteria needed to qualify you will be able to select one of the game titles selected for that giveaway! Its that simple!